Dimitri Bien-Aime (Dino)
Music: “Timtim and Tomtom”

Music is a set of notes translated
through the song of the instruments,
the symbiosis of the words that is stronger

than us. It is the smile that caresses
our feelings by vibrating our hearts
with the combination
of do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti.
healing of the broken hearts –
the truth of our untold stories.

It is the murmuring of our traditions,
the voice of our unstoppable thoughts.
Music is the soul of our universal language.

It is the simplest expression
of all verbal and nonverbal ideas
connecting the inner and outer of our body.

It’s in listening to it we sometimes take
our strength back. Music is the complicity
of our passion and our love. It is the dream to see

you and me dancing and singing tenderly
the melodies that bind us together. Music
is the memory of our first lovely meeting.

It is the unforgettable advice of our noon
and midnight. It is the silence of the words
talking- the charm of “timtim” and the look of “tomtom.”

Music! Music! Music? It’s the symbol of our unity:
The immortal conversation of our pasts, presents,
and futures, the eternal legacy of the highs and lows.

Music is “Timtim and tomtom”
of the dancing steps of all people.
It is the electrification when we dance
folklore, R&B, Samba, Salsa, and so on

Music is the sunset of our pillows
by making us dream the hope of our wishes.
It is the sunrise of our unknown destination.

Music is the heat of our winter heart,
the forgiveness of our unacceptable words
and the mercy of our happiness.

Dimitri Bien-Aime, a native of Haiti, is a BSCTC student.



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