Tamera Tuttle
Dear Self

I understand that you are greatly excited for the new college school year to get underway. This is a wonderful time for you. That is all except for your writing 101 class. I am painfully aware that you feel this class is the true embodiment of displeasure, agony, and pure uncensored evil.

Furthermore, you loathe the class and you feel that this class will be the end to your academic career. This, I also am aware of, is a result of you not being very good at grammar, which extends into your writing. Another fact that has not aided your writing in any way is that too many people have had little to no faith in your writing abilities. They have always assumed that you would fail and perish because of your, what they thought to be, weak and feeble attempts to write.

Throughout all that you have endured, you didn’t let it affect you, even though you knew you were not the best writer. However, of late, that has changed. This is a result of you allowing them inside your head so that they may dismember then continue to rip your limbs to minuscule shreds from the inside out. And for what, one little piece of work? Of course, you felt that it was the foremost of your talent, and what did they do? They judged and condemned you and in your opinion your unparalleled creation without an end in sight.

After what you have endured, any strong spirit would break under all of the aching. You need to pick up the pieces and continue on your path to greatness. It is not the apocalypse just because you weren’t perfect. No one on the planet is. Therefore, if you give in to all of the painful judgments, then you give them the power. You are the only one who needs control of your future. It is what you create. You can do anything as long as you focus and stay true to your vision for the future. You do not have to pay any attention to the mindless ridicule. You had a strong spirit before the pain; you may obtain that state again.

You just have to believe that you are able to do anything and that nothing is impossible.

– Anonymous


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