Matthew Smith
Our Private Civil War

I stood on the frontlines waiting for Moses to read the law.
Eyes watched those who were slain come back to life.
Every blade of grass was breathing and holding thought.
At that moment I cried through the trees,
“Why is this happening to me?”
But then I heard a violent whisper cry through the battlefield gates.
“Beauty is dark, but still within sight.”

Every heart beats with an incredible rhythm.
Mine is no exception.

It was at that moment that I left the muggy waters of war. 
The trenches of crusades past will clean themselves with rain.
I am a man among many who will cast his fortune among the peaceful.
Death will find me when she is ready.
I will not search for her as light that leads back to the mud’s deep roots.
Weightless, we will sleep below the silent, cryptic clouds.
Tomorrow will be the freest day of our lives.

Matthew Smith received his B.S.S. and M.A. from East Tennessee State University. He teaches Sociology at BSCTC.


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