Matthew Smith
I Read Her

Your life is more than a page
from a dusty book
buried deep in a collection
of meaningless words.
Your life is flowing with
fresh ink.
The quill continues to move
as the tiny world reads
with suspense.

You will never go out of print.
Intellectuals will remember
your soft story
of love and motion.
You will revive the English language.
Eyes grow and drop
on the fictional city of your legend.
Without intention,
you birth a new philosophy.

No one’s pages turn like yours.
The room is damp
but the coffee is strong enough
to take you to bed
on a winter night.
Your smell grows better with age -
like a charming bookstore in the
French Quarter
with old world maps on the walls.

To some there is a world,
but to me you create a world
with prose.
Elbow to hip like great leaves -
I turn them to know you more.
A book will fall in and out of
memory as it releases.
I never release the leather bound
cover of your skin.

Matthew Smith received his B.S.S. and M.A. from East Tennessee State University. He teaches Sociology at BSCTC.


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