Jonna Isaac
My Little Piece of Heaven

The aroma of fresh cut grass fills the air, the birds and crickets are singing their special tune, and a group of deer is grazing in the tall mountain grasses. The sunset is coloring the whole scene with a bright orange glow. Short, spontaneous conversations arise as we gaze at the beauty of nature. On top of the old rusty metal chair sits my grandpa, watching in awe as the eight-point buck peacefully picks at the grass. The humidity is, for once, ignored as he and I are amazed with the view. In the background, small waves in the swimming pool are rippling and creating the sound of what seems to be a waterfall. The cool breeze blowing through my hair enhances the melody of the insects, birds, and frogs that make up nature’s orchestra. Here, we’re secluded from everyone else. Not another noise could break the sound barrier made within the vast hills, which makes this my little piece of heaven.

Jonna Isaac is a junior at South Floyd High School and a member of the Floyd County Early College Academy. She loves almost anything outdoors and enjoys spending time with family and friends.


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