Justin Begley
The Vast Void Variform

You can call me freakish; I’ll just use its creases to bend
around my uniqueness. Keep your mind closed and pretend
you dream this or open your eyes. Don’t be squeamish.
We find this, each day telling ourselves WE NEED THIS!
Doesn’t matter what was previous or what may proceed us…
we demand to succeed, to breathe, though we behave as leaches
until we’re treeless. We are the fish overrun by ships of sea,
sick pieces of steam-powered machines that take our reason.
Can we perceive this incompleteness? Can we extinguish our English
and learn that life teaches with no words—only features of the tree limbs?
We are accumulated incidents of miraculous creations; we’ve led up
to epic moments of our own devastation. Life cycles make living
a pretty special occasion. Watch out or be side struck by curiosity.
Life’s not a T.V. show or wasteland; don’t let your friends fool you:
this is an invasion by government and politics controlling your relation.
This nation is a basecamp taking over brainstems. Insinuation is a drug,
with geometrical design, distracting fancy lights, possibly making you
blind. Subliminal interference with intuitive tuning. Life is unexpected
when you don’t know what you’re doing. But remember the sun!
Remember the stars! Don’t forget inside of us the truth is ours. Don’t
forget life exists whether we do or not, whether that’s God or what. See
the bigger picture, soak in washing relief, remember to breathe
and get out from underneath. I will paint this picture
of something misunderstood. Make it basic and naked, only as I should.
I can do it without reason, some kind of indefectible cause, and make you
fall in love as you accept all of its flaws. I could sculpt any form of shield,
sublime disbelief, as you repress it as grief. Morph it into passion, form
your paramour. I could let you follow it deeply until you reach the door...
......the aperture to infinity that leads you to your
......core and allows you to move on to something more.

Justin Begley, 25, a native of Tennessee, has lived in many parts of Kentucky for most of his life. As all the experiences that have sculpted his person have been in Kentucky, he regards the bluegrass state as his home. A BSCTC student, he plans to complete school and pursue writing, hoping, he says, to bridge the gap “between science and religion and bring unity and peace – or die trying.



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