Helen Faith
Clothes Catcher

Beware the Panther Cat, my dear,
Which roams the mountains here!
Be warned by its screeching, womanish cry;
Be warned, oh my dear, lest you die!
Just one way to survive the mad cat:
First, remove your fancy pink hat;
Strip the clothing from your body –
Fear not if it all seems naughty –
And cast each piece onto bushes and trees
For the charging Panther Cat to seize.
In its jaws the clothes will be shred –
Better them than you, my dear, to be dead!
So beware, and run, and come out again,
And friendly arms will enfold you then.
If you walk these forests alone – if you dare –
Wear clothes that you don’t mind leaving there!

Helen Faith

My cloud has been cement,
Its shadow dense and dour.
Come the acid rain, I fall,
Desperately grasping
At wisps of belief.
Decades later, a mountain, a storm cloud,
Lumbers forth,
And I climb an endless necklace
Of sorrow laden rain.
The sky yet unkissed, the shadow baneful still –
I hope.

Helen Faith
Spider, Man

Spider on the ceiling,
Spider on the floor:
Spider, tell the reason
That you breathe no more.

The many tiny creatures
That you’re wont to slay:
They still breathe, oh Spider;
They still, oh Spider, play.

Spider in my waste bin,
Spider out the door:
Did you go to Heaven?
Was your life so pure?

Or, Mongo, just a pawn
In Life’s great gaping maw,
One day feasting on lifeblood,
Then crushed by natural law?

Spiders in the world today,
Spiders near and far:
Look to your fellow creature,
For where he is, you are!

Helen B. Faith, who grew up in Philadelphia, PA, has enjoyed creative writing for most of her life. In addition to her poetry, she has written rough drafts for two novels and one play, and she encourages fellow writers to investigate National Novel Writing Month for a fun challenge. Grateful for the educational opportunity, Helen plans to continue her studies toward a degree in speech pathology.



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