Troy Williamson
Go Your Own Way

I believe in the flow of the universe and that we each have our own place within it. I believe that we as human beings are all connected in a sense deeper than what we know or understand. We are constantly crossing streams and exchanging pieces of ourselves with everyone around us. We often hold on to the pieces that are sent to us and at this moment they help define who we are: a mix of individuality and everyone we have ever met. It is when we realize this that we can begin to search for our stream, our identity.

Most of our childhoods are spent in mimicry. We learn how to walk, talk and live by watching the world through innocent eyes. Most of us grow up with a “monkey see, monkey do” attitude. It is these moments of influence that partially define who we are to become. We do not see ourselves as individuals until our lives are seasoned with experiences. Even then, we do not always accept our individuality. I believe that part of discovering our place in life is coming to terms with it. However, the moment that we do, our lives truly begin.

For me, this moment was the old near death clich√©. The front end of my car decided to have an intimate relationship with a concrete wall. It wasn’t until the airbags had temporarily deafened me that I realized how ungrateful I was with the world. I found my place in this silence. The universe had given me the gift of music, but I had placed it in the backseat alongside shattered pieces of what once was my windshield. The sign was clear. Music was the fish that flowed in my stream; I was just the fisherman.

The journey to find ourselves is one that lasts a lifetime. People are constantly growing and changing into who we’re meant to be. The universe presents us with a path; I believe it is our job to follow it. There may be forks in the road, but there are plenty of signs along the way.I believe in who I am.
Troy Williamson is a full-time student at Big Sandy’s Prestonsburg campus. As well, he is an avid touring musician. “The world is my metronome, and I breathe to its beat,” he writes.



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