Michaela Stepp
I Believe in Getting a Little Dirty Sometimes

Since the beginning of life, depending on your beliefs, dirt has always been there. As a Christian I believe that we were made of the earth and clay, like it says in the Book of Genesis. It’s second nature to us, it’s older than us, and it’s one of the very first things we discovered as a baby.

Dirt is good for the soul. No matter where you go, dirt will always be there. As an only child growing up, I discovered that the dirt was my best friend. Making mud pies and rabbit stew were my favorite things to do. I bonded with nature and nature was a comforting presence to me. It allowed me to think and have an open mind about everything with which I was faced. Should I dig with a big spoon or small spoon to dig?

Ultimately, I chose both. As a child I didn’t believe in computers or video games because everything that was fun happened outside with the dirt. That’s where Fancy takes flight.

Although imagination can take place anywhere and at any time you want it to, it happened to me the most when I was outside. The little twigs and branches resembled flags for a fort and rocks served as a moat so that the evil squirrels couldn’t take over.

For an adult, a little bit of dirt can resemble a hard day of work, and for a hyper child it can resemble a hard day of play. I remember as a child seeing my father walk through the doorway with dirt on his clothes and thinking to myself, Why is he having this much fun without me? Only later to find out, that yard work isn’t at all what I expected it to be.

However, the majority of my life was spent outdoors either helping my father with yard work or burying marbles in the dirt for me to look for 10 years later. To this day, I’ve found three of the seven marbles I buried. It’s as if I’ve given myself a scavenger hunt, but I already know what I’m looking for. As I grow older and the days pass by, I still find myself returning to the back yard where at one point in time my imagination went wild.

Now, it’s more of a relaxing place where I go to think and occasionally dig in the dirt again. After all, once our lives on this earth are over, we are going to be buried in the ground with the dirt as our final resting place. I know that I’ll be comfortable there since I’m going back to that from which I was made. I believe in the power of dirt.

Michaela Stepp, 18, has a love for writing. She plans on pursuing her passion for meteorology in Oklahoma where she will continue her education along with chasing storms.



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