Jonathan May

Dead in the barn lies the mare of a man
too proud to let sorrow settle.

And when he puts down his bottle,
do you think he’ll recall
how far he has come
in falling short of things?

With owed respect
was the equine perplexed
with how master justified her passing?

Memories lost are just a drink away,
so make it stiff as a horse.
A horse, you know,
of course, come morning.

Grain ferments in mangers or barrels.
Grasp any connection you can
while it’s cold out there
and she can keep on lying before she swells.

Could you ever swell with pride again?

Jonathan May
The Fiery Release

I keep my back to the sun.
My eyes know shades of pink.
It’s the twilight near its ending &
a mind begins to think.

A smoking fire burning wonder
kindled at my feet.
The light of night accompanies man
in a stillness to be beat.

A smoking pipe tended at lip
emitting sweetness through the air-
the one personal belonging
helping this loner have no care.

Crickets chirp - a resounding tone-
fireflies bask in pheromone.
Seems a fella is not all alone;
He’s at the top with nature, his own.

Secular thought takes a mean case of rot.
Within burning shadows, it’s easy to spot
an outline with a mind seeming only to find
that dear earth holds vast knowledge

A man left to reason when so many are blind.

Jonathan May, a BSCTC Honors student, writes, “The part of me that answers to no one is Appalachian. Even deeper than that notion, my undeniable self is empowered by nature, for she nurtures me.  I gain most of my inspiration amongst her splendors and hope to provoke thoughtfulness toward her upon my career path.  I believe Appalachia puts characteristic songs in the hearts of her people, and I want those sounds and lyrics to ring loudly forever, beyond even her natural erosion.”



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