Helen Faith

After the decades-long night, Helios yet hides,
Superseded by a maternal, embracing fog
Blessing all – save me!
O Mother, baptize me, rebirth me,
Envelope my soul with thine.
Show me once more
The essential perfection of life,
Of natural life,
Created by breath, not fire!
Is man a machine, a thing of bolts,
Measured, quantified, known?
If all were understood, every cell,
Every systemic function,
One infinite corpuscle still blossoms, shines:
A mysterious portion of the beyond,
Whose whisper is of the breath –
Not the fire!
The fog will burn away,
And now my mechanical breath
Carries me to a hopeless day
Where shadows are.

This poem was written in response to Victor Frankenstein’s mad dash from his laboratory after having created his monster. He heads to the hills, throwing himself into the arms of Mother Nature, whom he seems to have rejected in his unnatural experiment. It is difficult, or impossible, for him to enjoy the environment as he had in the past, but in his agony it seems his only escape.

Helen Faith
There But
A breath,
And I am connected
To the spider’s web,
To the shriveled prey:
Five days from now,
Another dies;
Today, unaware, on the breeze,
Seeking food,
Helen B. Faith, who grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has enjoyed creative writing for most of her life. In addition to her poetry, she has written rough drafts for two novels and one play, and she encourages fellow writers to investigate National Novel Writing Month for a fun challenge. Grateful for the educational opportunity, Helen plans to continue her studies toward a degree in speech pathology.



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