Sheila Gollihue
How Do We Forget?

Past the red barn
With its chipped paint
And rusty hinges,
Sits an old man.
His hair grayed,
Skin wrinkled by time,
Rocking in his chair
Looking out over the meadow.
“Could you please tell me, sir,
how do we forget?”
“What you need to forget,
You’ve already forgotten.
And what you can’t forget,
Be thankful, cause it’s sticking around for a reason.”

Sheila Gollihue
That Girl

Silently observing the world as life passes by
Hoping to experience the rush one day
Even though living is living, no matter how dull.
In a fast-paced world where
Lights and colors flash before you
She hears the cries of the captive girl.
Smoking again, put it to the lips
Hear the burning paper sizzle
Each time she takes a drag
Imagine being free
Longing for the want
And the addicted girl shudders in a corner.

Sheila Gollihue
The River Knows

What is love?
         Who knows?
The river knows.
         How does the river know?
The river knows
with her calm and peaceful song.
A lullaby to the lovers.
         How else does the river know?
The river knows
With her quick rapids and rushing waters
To warn of the bumpy roads ahead.
         How does the river know?
When her stream connects with another
And they stay together until they reach the end of their journey.
         What is love?
The river knows.

Sheila Gollihue, of Martha, is a KCTCS student; her writing has been published in Kudzu, Hazard CTC’s literary journal.



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