David Profitt
Sitting in the Yard

There is an assurance that comes with sitting in the yard
Listening to the familiar sound of a lawn being mowed nearby.
There is an assurance in the familiarity of sameness.
Of being enveloped by the same hollowed hands of hallowed hills.
Of knowing the history of a place,
Of closing your eyes and remembering the faces of neighbors
Who have slipped away quietly, almost unnoticed.
There is an assurance in all that.

There is a great wealth that comes
With the friendship of faithful dogs and the antics of young kittens
And the sun – craving, eyes – closed stillness of old cats.
There is a bond of solidarity with life and living and the earth and the sky
And people and this place and all places and with God
And with the parts within the whole that happens around us
As the present fades into whatever the past is (or was).

Each moment brings a new perspective.
No two moments are the same
Just like flakes of snow or drops of rain or people or blades of grass.
All I can see seems prepared to end well by fulfilling its purpose
Of the assurance of sameness
While I sit here in the yard.

David Profitt, retired from 35 years of service in the pastoral ministry, has taught Philosophy and Religion at Big Sandy since 2004. He has written poetry and essays for over 40 years. He and his wife Darlene have four children.



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